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Upcoming event: Kundalini Birthday Bootcamp

Exciting stuff. This year I turn 30 years old. Every year for my birthday I try to do something yoga-related because it is my favorite activity in the whole world. Nothing makes me happier than doing yoga with my friends and loved ones. In previous years I have invited my friends to attend the local yoga teacher training that I assist in at Sangha Yoga Institute. Now that I have been teaching for a while, it's time to run the show myself and put my fun yoga ideas out into the world. This January 31st, I will be running a kundalini birthday bootcamp. What is a kundalini bootcamp you ask? In 1969, master kundalini teacher Yogi Bhajan introduced the idea of performing extended yoga practices to build the strength of the nervous system and experience a profound shift in consciousness. Each exercise is performed for 3 minutes minimum. In yoga, postures are performed dynamically or statically for varying lengths of time. A 45 second to 1 minute hold will affect the fascia and muscular system of the body, which stretches and strengthens the affected area. 2 minute holds begin to affect the skeletal and endocrine systems. 3 minute holds begin to affect the glands and nervous system. A strong nervous system empowers the whole body to work in better order, as every system of the body corresponds with the spine and nerves.

The tantric science of numerology is also utilized by kundalini yoga practitioners. Numbers hold significance and meaning in numerology and specific lengths of exercises, number of exercises in a yogic kriya (set of exercises) and your personal numerology numbers are used to create special energic qualities to the yoga practice.

For this workshop,

Kundalini Yoga Kalamazoo

we will be celebrating the number 3. In kundalini yoga, the number 3 represents the trinity, the navel chakra, and the positive mind. We will experience the energy of 3 by performing 3-minute exercises, on the 31st, for my 30th birthday. For congruence of this energetic quality, I have also made the cost of the workshop $30. In developing the power of the navel, which relates to willpower and determination, we will strengthen resolves and find out our true potentials.

This event is being hosted by one of my favorite places to support and teach at, COPE network of Kalamazoo. COPE is a community outreach center for people with addictions and mental strife but is open to anyone who wants to attend community classes and events. The workshop begins at 6 and runs until 8PM, January 31st, 2020. For more information about this upcoming workshop please visit my Facebook Page or check the events tab on my website. I can't wait to see you there! SAT NAM and peace.

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