Upcoming Events
Fri, Jan 31
2705 Virginia Ave
Kundalini Birthday Bootcamp
For Andy's 30th birthday we will be practicing each yoga exercise for 3 minutes. This fun workshop is for all levels, stop as much as you need to and learn to develop the keep-up spirit. We will also practice Kundalini breath work and meditation.
Sat, Jan 25
Upaya Yoga Studio
Kundalini Sadhana
Sat Nam! Practice Kundalini asana then sing and chant some mantras. Mantras for the Aquarian Age will help us awaken our Kundalini, connect us to thousands of years of prayers. Event is on Donation
Sat, Dec 21
People's Church
Winter Solstice-Day: 108 Sun Salutations for Charity
Rejoice in the returning of the sun! We'll harness this shift in the Northern Hemisphere to invoke a more light, peace, and kindness in the world. Join Karina Mirsky, Andy Be and nine other local yoga teachers to salute the sun 108 times in this community ritual for charity.


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